VIDEO – An animated logo created in After Effects.


VIDEO – A fake teaser trailer for “Nick Fury” if it was directed by John Carpenter in the ’80s. This was a very fun and challenging video to create. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to make HD video look like old VHS tape!


AUDIO – For  this track I created a music bed in Garageband using the instrumental from Lana Del Rey’s “Million Dollar Man.” I layered a couple Apple Loops and added a few effects to mix it up a bit. I recorded my wife’s beautiful vocals with a standard USB microphone using compression with a little reverb and echo.

AUDIO – On this track I sampled some bits from the theme song to “Blade Runner” created by the great composer, Vangelis. I then created a beat by adding  percussion and effects using Garageband and the DM1 Drum Machine.

VIDEO – I cut this together for a digital video class. The video footage was provided by my teacher, Mark Bealo.





VIDEO – This was a group assignment for a motion graphics class. My group and I had to green screen ourselves into the trailer for “Sharknado.” I’m the guy in the JAWS t-shirt, but if you blink you’ll miss me. I’m in four quick clips… two as a bartender… one walking around a corner to a helicopter… and lastly you can see me dancing behind Ian Ziering and Tara Reid.