About Me

A reliable, motivated, and professional interdisciplinary designer with a background in journalism and publishing. Possesses diverse industry experience by adapting to each project whether working independently or in a team or supervisory capacity. Skills include graphic design, digital illustration, AV production & post-production, motion graphics, web design, DSLR photography, digital image processing, compositing and restoration, typography, copywriting, copyediting and technical writing.

Creator and host of the original video web series, “Retrofiend Radio,” which showcases the underrated treasures of pop culture in a unique multimedia format inspired by the late-night music video talk shows of yesteryear. Special guests include film directors Sam Firstenberg and Brian Trenchard-Smith, Hollywood stunt/fight coordinator, Steven Lambert, Kung Fu legend, Grandmaster Douglas L. Wong, and film/television actors William Wallace and Tom Stern.   

Also has a wide range of experience as a multimedia instructional designer, which includes production on dozens of foreign language programs designed to teach English as a second language, in addition to several child learning development systems in multiple foreign languages. Further print and AV post-production in instructional design includes numerous projects for The Ken Blanchard Companies working on design and layout for multiple foreign language editions of their award-winning, “SLII Leadership Development Program,” which included Chinese (Hanzi) and Japanese (Kanji) characters.

Also possesses extensive multimedia instructional design experience working within a municipality to develop and create training materials for city administration, operations, and maintenance staff. Worked closely with Permit & Regulatory Compliance on multiple projects, which includes presentations and materials for Human Resources, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Accolades & Endorsements

Penton Overseas, Inc.

“Kristian is a model for creative contribution, efficiency, and dedication. It was a delight to have him on the team.”

Dharmaja Maldonado – Creative Director at Penton Overseas, Inc.

The Making of Avenging Force

“I just finished watching the documentary and as a film enthusiast I am very, very, very impressed and really, really enjoyed it. It is very informative and entertaining. I was truly thrilled watching it. Well done.”

Sam Firstenberg – Director

Penton Overseas, Inc.

“Kristian is a great addition to anyone’s team. His adaptability, keen eye for editing, and his knack for producing a quality product with little direction make him a stellar employee and a great team player. He is dedicated both to the end product and his fellow workers. His personality and sense of humor make him a joy to work with.”

Allison Mellon – Senior Marketing Manager at Intuit

Martial Arts and the Arts

“This documentary is such a wonderful tribute to Douglas Wong and White Lotus Sil Lum Kung Fu. Thank you so much, Kristian.”

Steven Lambert – Stunt/Fight Coordinator

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC)

“As a colleague and employee, Kristian has earned my respect. I came to rely on, and value, his intellect, adaptability, and aptitude for picking up new things quickly. He’s self-motivated, dependable, and requires very little direction or supervision. Kristian would be a valuable asset to any organization”

Desmond Barca – Creative Director at the Wastewater Enterprise Education & Training Center (WWETEC)

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

“I can’t believe the things you’ve dug up in this doc. Where’d you find this stuff, man?! My God… you know me better than I know myself!”

Tom Stern – Actor/Producer